5 Virtual Learning Strategies For Algebra 1

Ryan Hunter

September 26, 2020

Algebra 1 is a notoriously challenging subject for some high school students, and remote learning can make learning and comprehension even more difficult. Students may not be able to get as much help as before due to fewer opportunities for one-on-one assistance from their teacher. They may also feel unsure about asking their parents, who may only remember the basics. However, these virtual learning strategies for Algebra 1 can support parents with the resource to effectively guide their children past common obstacles in this subject.


Social engagement is critical for helping students develop their social and interpersonal skills, but it can also help them solve difficult problems and internalize them. Unfortunately, remote learning can sometimes limit these opportunities with themselves and educators. 

Flipgrid is a virtual learning strategy for Algebra 1 that can alleviate these concerns. With this app, students can record their thought processes, view and listen to their classmates’ thoughts, respond to others’ videos, and get educator feedback. This way, students can still interact with one another while developing their math skills.

Khan Acadamy

Khan Acadamy’s mission is to allow everyone to receive a free, high-quality education from anywhere in the world. The platform is highly regarded and widely recognized for its range of tools for students, teachers, and parents. 

It offers several resources and virtual learning strategies for Algebra 1, which you can find here. These lessons can supplement what your child learns in their remote classroom, track their progress, and create reports you can discuss with their teacher.


eMathInstruction was developed specifically for online learning. It offers a variety of mathematics courses that adhere to Common Core state standards. This platform does require the purchase of answer keys and workbooks, but it does offer free supplementary help, such as YouTube instructional videos. 

Illustrative Mathematics Through Kendall Hunt 

Kendall Hunt partnered with Illustrative Mathematics in 2019, a free math curriculum for students. Parents will find this virtual learning strategy for Algebra 1 especially appealing because it provides family materials to guide them and their children through the lessons. 

Illustrative Mathematics strives to develop mathematical understanding and growth through practical lessons and real-world context. Your child can receive instruction individually or in group settings to facilitate their engagement in the course.  

Algebra 1 Prep

Algebra 1 from Varsity Tutors is a free Android app with robust tools and virtual learning strategies for Algebra 1. It features extensive diagnostic tests, custom flashcards, daily questions, and a broad scope of study aids. 

Parents can download the app on their child’s phone or computer and supplement what they learned during their regular remote classes. You can then view your child’s results and progress and share them with their teacher to address potential problems.

Algebra 1 may be a difficult subject, but platforms like these reinforce what students learn during the daily lessons and ensure they stay ahead of the learning curve. Virtual learning strategies for Algebra 1 help build students’ confidence in their mathematics skills while empowering parents as they support their children. And as the likelihood that remote learning may be more than a passing phase this school year, these platforms will prove to be an invaluable resource for students and their parents.