Our Collection of Free Online Learning Resources

William Coleman

December 30, 2020


Now well into the internet age, educational material has become far more accessible than ever. But with thousands of academic websites and no stand-alone winner, it can be hard to sift through content to find information that is relevant, productive, and trustworthy. These free and user-friendly resources are perfect for helping a student learn at home, stay up-to-date in the classroom, or simply expand their education!

Multi-subject Resources


Albert uses lessons and lesson plans to teach core subjects and test prep to middle school and high school students.   


Arcademics uses games to teach Kindergarten through 6th grade students subjects ranging from shapes to algebra.

Bunk History  

Bunk History holds a digital archive of different media produced about past and current events, putting pieces of history together in context and perspective.   

Challenger Center   

The Challenger Center provides 18 downloadable space-themed STEM lessons for elementary school through high school students.


The CK-12 foundation provides classes, textbooks, and other resources on dozens of different subjects.


Coursera provides classes, certificates, and degrees from many top universities, trusts, and museums.  


Dummies has various guides and how-to’s on subjects ranging from auto repair to Algebra 1.     


Duolingo takes a multimedia approach to teaching different languages using a free option for unlimited lesson access.


edX provides free audit access to 2500+ online courses in a wide variety of subjects from 140 institutions.        

Engage NY     

Engage NY is a nation-wide accessible resource for K-12 English and Mathematics that holds downloadable PDF and zip files for each subject.           


Expii creates thousands of searchable lessons for pre-algebra, biology, and algebra 1.     


Fiveable provides livestreams, Q+A’s with teachers, and other methods of learning to educate students on standardized tests and core subjects.          


HippoCampus.org gives its users the ability to explore over 7,000 videos in 13 subject areas for students.


iComputer offers fun home activities for students ranging from 5 to 11 years old to help them better understand the basics of computing.    


Guided by state standards, IXL provides textbooks, test prep, online quizzes, and other resources on core subjects for K-12 students.


Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profit that provides free online education to millions of students worldwide in subjects ranging from pre-K education to standardized tests to life skills.         


LearningApps.org uses a navigable collection of different digital media to teach a wide variety of subjects to elementary through college-level students.        

Mr Nussbaum

Mr Nussbaum uses thousand of activities and games to teach basic and elementary subjects to students.     

Open Culture 

Open Culture provides eBooks, 1500 courses, podcasts, movies, and other learning resources online.    

Open Stax          

Based out of Rice University in Texas, Open Stax functions as a nonprofit educational technology initiative that creates free digital textbooks.


OpenSciEd provides middle school students with science materials and resources.          

PBS Learning Media      

PBS Learning Media provides important resources for pre-K through high school students that can be tagged based on a certain state’s curriculum.

Rapid Tables

Rapid Tables has dozens of tools like calculators and file converters for help in a wide array of subjects.


Sciencing uses blog posts and articles to teach math and science subjects for various age groups.           

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software uses games to teach fundamental subjects like geography, nutrition, and math – through geometry – to young students.


Shmoop offers thousands of test prep materials, study guides, and videos to help teach students a wide rang of subjects.       


Containing resources used for kindergartners through high school students, Softschools.com provides a large assortment of worksheets, games, quizzes, and more for the core subject areas.


Udemy provides over 130,000 courses featuring paid and unpaid content for different skills and topics.


YouTube hosts billions of users and videos on the largest video streaming platform in the world, full of educational channels that teach a wide range of subjects to an even wider range of students.         

Math Resources

Algebra Class 

In Algebra Class, students use text-based lessons and practice resources to learn pre-algebra and algebra.

Chili Math          

Chili Math uses text and video to teach Algebra, Geometry, and other similar math topics.       


Coolmath.com uses interactive games and text-based lessons for pre-algebra through pre-calculus math help. 

Davenport University Libraries           

Davenport University Libraries provide access to a large amount of lessons and practice problems in text and video form for any math student.    


Desmos, best known for its online calculator, also has free activities for math students that are taught through a variety of methods.

Free Math Help     

Free Math Help uses games, calculators, and lessons to teach algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics.   

Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics aligns with core standards to bring lesson plans and resources to teachers and their students.

Math Games  

Math Games uses interactive games to teach math to students in Pre-K through the 8th grade.  

Math Is Fun   

Math Is Fun gives students dozens of different lessons for each subject from learning numbers to practicing calculus.  

Math Planet   

Math Planet has text and video resources for Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 as well as practice tests for the ACT and SAT.

Math Warehouse  

Math Warehouse uses videos, interactive activities, and worksheets to give math help from Algebra to Calculus.


Math-aids.com creates and provides over 1200 worksheets for students learning different math topics.


Math Play gives 1st through 8th grade students the opportunity to learn math through fun and interactive online games.


Math.com largely uses practice problems and interactive tools to help teach a wide range of mathematics skills.

MathBits Notebook

MathBits Notebook uses text to teach lessons for 6th grade math through Algebra 2.      

Online Math Learning

Online Math Learning uses a wide variety of resources to explain and help teach concepts from basic arithmetic to advanced high school math.

Purple Math   

Purple Math focuses on different standardized curricula to provide math lessons through a variety of resources.

The Story of Mathematics     

The Story of Mathematics uses traditional and historical teaching through text and video to instruct on a wide variety of mathematical topics.           


VirtualNerd uses video resources to teach 6th grade math through Algebra 2 and Geometry.      

Wolfram MathWorld     

Built with Mathematica technology, Wolfram MathWorld claims to be the web’s most extensive mathematics resource, holding in-depth information on various mathematics topics.